Website Design Company Jacksonville

Website Design Company Jacksonville

Web design is the first impression of your business! It is your digital business card and your calling card. A website establishes validation and gives information about your business.

  • Is your website a good ambassador of your reputation?
  • Does your web design work for you?
  • How many leads does your website generate?
  • Is your web design drawing people to your site but they are not contacting you?

These are all questions that need to be answered when evaluating a web design that is working for your business. The Baer Edge is a local Jacksonville Advertising Agency that specializes in Website Design. A well-designed website must be a tool for your business and can no longer remain a brochure site that sits there but doesn’t generate business, the standards have changed.

Responsive Web Design

Almost everyone needs to have a responsive design of their site. What does responsive mean? It means that your site will respond to the device that is utilizing your site whether it’s a desktop, tablet or mobile. As the user switches from their desktop to tablet to mobile the website should automatically switch to accommodate resolution, image size, and scripting abilities

Conversion Marketing

  • Does your web design convert lookers into engagers?
  • Does your analytics show that people visit your website but your cash register shows they don’t engage?

How do you fix this? Simple by fixing the website design to conversion marketing layout web design. Does your design layout your unique selling features within one click of the website or is your information buried so deep the user has to dig?. You have five to ten seconds to grab that visitor and make engage with you.

The Baer Edge, a premium website design company, specializes in conversion marketing, making sure that your website is converting those visitors to customers that lead to sales. It is amazing at how much a website design can tell someone about your business. Does your site portray that you are the big dog in your marketing arena? Do you work out of a warehouse and you look like the leader in your industry, well if your site is done correctly, this is easily accomplished.

Your website can be the most cost-effective mode of advertising that you can do while being the most accountable platform of advertising you have in your marketing plan. Nothing that happens on the web these days is un-trackable or unaccountable.

Search engines may seem to be a mystery, but your business in the right hands of a digital marketing advertising company like The Baer Edge can make your advertising plan more accountable and drive more results. So what are you waiting for? Get the Edge — call The Baer Edge today!


Why The Baer Edge?

The Baer Edge has broadened their horizons as growth trends have seen Internet and Target Market Research become a key role in their advertising mix. The Baer Edge specializes in Unfair shares getting your business more than your fair share of the market! A big ad budget, a little ad budget the need for results is the same!