Broadcast Advertising

Broadcast Advertising in Jacksonville

Broadcast has always been the most powerful medium to get your message out to the world and with the advancement of internet, a combination of broadcast and internet can send your business over the edge.

Technically, broadcast is defined as just radio and television because it goes “over the air” by airwaves. Cable advertising is not technically defined as broadcast for it is delivered thru cable. Cable advertising these days cannot be overlooked for their niche networks that offer niche marketing for advertisers that can use the frequency of cable.

Television is a “reach” medium, for it reaches the masses and just a few spots can implode a powerful impact onto your business — not to mention the validation effect when you put your business in a local avail of a network program. Television advertising is the most cost-effective way to reach a targeted customer if used correctly.

Radio advertising is a very cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience effectively. Radio advertising is a great way for a small business to grow their business so they can broaden their advertising mix to include television, cable and or the internet. Radio’s most effective results are usually in event marketing or promotional marketing. Nothing can promote an event or promotion like radio can and when this is combined with television and the internet the results can quickly put your business on the map.

Cable is a frequency medium like radio. Cable must be bought for its frequency more so than its reach. Each cable Network is like a “radio station”. Each radio station targets certain demographics for example country radio listeners won’t switch over and list to Rock stations, and vice versa so when you buy a radio station you want to schedule your media vertically with enough frequency to make an impact. Cable advertising can be very effective for a business that has a distinct customer base within a distinct geographical region.

Advertising does work! It’s knowing how to work and use each medium the way it works best! If you’ve done TV, cable or radio and it didn’t work there are several factors why that could be how did you buy it, what medium did you use, what was the reach and frequency, what was the message, did it have an offer, did it have a reason to act within a deadline all of these factors are crucial to a good media buy or plan. Just a last thought if TV, Radio, Cable, and Internet didn’t work trust me it would not still exist! It works: so get the Edge! Call The Baer Edge for a media plan that works for your business.


Why The Baer Edge?

The Baer Edge has broadened their horizons as growth trends have seen Internet and Target Market Research become a key role in their advertising mix. The Baer Edge specializes in Unfair shares getting your business more than your fair share of the market! A big ad budget, a little ad budget the need for results is the same!