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Print Advertising Agency

Print It! Print the oldest form of advertising is it dead? Certainly not! Print has now become more sophisticated than ever with not only the options of traditional forms of print media such as newspapers, magazines and brochures one can now benefit from direct mail marketing using different filters and specs to generate email campaigns; the latest in “internet marketing”.


No we’re not talking about the next greatest fabric softener or a popular fast food chain – we’re talking about Print Advertising and its benefits. Print media is one of the few advertising components that customers can actually put aside to remind them to visit or shop for an item or take the  ad with them when they go to make their purchase.

We work with only the best printers and direct mail companies out there and can offer the most competitive prices across the country. We know how to make print media work for you. And if it’s a more traditional print media, we can consult with you on the best way to maximize your budget and offer other alternatives to a somewhat decaying print industry. Email campaigns are a great option for businesses that are working on a tight budget but like the interactivity with the consumer and their message.

Print is so much more sophisticated today that it ever was — everything has gone to digital. Look at your vinyl billboards (yes we do those too) they are now turning to digital! So whether you need some good ol’ fashioned print, logos, magazine ads to digital electronic email campaigns we are your print partner! Need a brochure or collateral piece or maybe a sophisticated data base generated for a new business to start emailing out potential customers? We are on the cutting edge of it! If you are a start-up company and just need a name and identity with logos, brochures, and a branding slogan or jingle we are your advertising partner!

Or maybe you are an existing company that needs expanding or a new look we can get you to that next level. And if you’ve been in business for awhile and need some data research that consists of advanced data mining and data compiling to seek new customers and we can help find them statistically because they are predicted to behave in a similar ways look no further I know it sounds complicated but trust us we are your marketing Edge!


Why The Baer Edge?

The Baer Edge has broadened their horizons as growth trends have seen Internet and Target Market Research become a key role in their advertising mix. The Baer Edge specializes in Unfair shares getting your business more than your fair share of the market! A big ad budget, a little ad budget the need for results is the same!