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Email Marketing For Car Dealers
Email Marketing For Car Dealers

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Sell more cars to new customers with conquest email marketing and create lifelong customers for your dealership with loyalty campaigns.

Email marketing for car dealers is a win-win advertising tactic. Auto dealerships benefit from email marketing campaigns because it’s affordable to send multiple messages to a target audience. Automotive email campaigns are an effective way to reach car buyers within your designated market area (DMA).

We offer several automotive email marketing content ideas to try starting with the run-of-the-mill manufacturer campaigns to more niche-style email advertising. With the right combination of emails, your dealership will not only gain more new customers but you’ll also retain your existing ones.

Prospecting Email Campaigns For Car Dealerships

Most dealerships are very familiar with tier 2 and tier 3 marketing. There are two main types of email campaigns done at the dealer level. Depending on your personal dealership’s advertising needs, you can choose to send an array of messaging to local car buyers. Here are a few of the different types of email content you can send.

Car Buyer Lead Generation

These types of emails are the standard template for new car sales lead generation strategies. Each campaign is branded with your dealership information and includes the latest monthly deals on new cars, truck and SUVs. Some dealerships even opt to send out a weekly email with special discounts and incentives on select models. Loaded with tons of pictures and offers, these emails tend to peak the interest of a potential car buyer which results in some form of contact with your dealership.

Car Sales Follow Up

You have made contact, whether by phone, online or face to face in the showroom to discuss the sale of a particular model or a specific car. Shortly after making contact, there should be a follow-up email that goes to the potential car buyer to touch base with them. In this email, you should also provide them with important information about your dealership, what it offers and your contact details.


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