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When to do PPC?

  • If you want to compete and can’t win in organic search
  • Where you can be found in geo search for a particular location
  • When you want more leads

Although there is always some disagreement to any definition offered in the online world, most professionals consider pay-per-click marketing, along with organic SEO, to be the key strategies used in search engine marketing campaigns.

Pay Per Click Management

When you manage a pay per click account, your company is bidding against competitive companies for select keywords. Each time a user clicks on your company’s listing, your pay per click account will be charged.

Pay per click programs are revenue-producing products for the search engine companies and each makes it easy for you to participate in their programs. However, like any other investment, a PPC campaign should be planned, executed and monitored for its return on investment. Your selection and use of keywords are critical elements of establishing an effective pay per click strategy. It doesn’t help to buy clicks for the weak keywords. So, remember the need for intelligent bidding and avoid wasting your company’s search engine marketing budget.

PPC Planning

When carefully planned and properly executed, a pay-per-click campaign can be a powerful tool for online marketing. Internet research suggests that when combined with good organic listings, pay-per-click sponsored listings can increase the credibility of your website and lead to a much higher percentage of clicks to conversions.

PPC is also well suited for online campaigns that have geo-targets and need a jumpstart for their Internet presence. The best approach for your company may be a combination of PPC and organic strategies competing for keyword searches.

Contact us today and we can arrange for a meeting with our PPC specialists to discuss your company’s plans for managing a pay-per-click strategy.


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