Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing For Jacksonville

In the history of Internet marketing, never has an idea proven itself in such a short period of time. Social Media has taken off and millions of users are actively participating by sharing everything from their funniest videos to personal insights on their life’s experiences.

Today, most web experts agree that digital media changed forever how businesses interact with consumers. Social Media is living & breathing, and it touches every part of an organization from customer service and frontline sales to human resources and information technology. It’s wherever and however, your customer chooses to reach out to you!

Future of Advertising

Social Media is your customer today, tomorrow and into the future. To put in perspective how big Social Media is let’s look at Facebook. If Facebook was a country, it would the third largest in the world behind China & India!

There are several protocols one must follow to be successful in Social Media:

Rule # 1: Compelling content has an objective! 
In the context of business, the juiciest kind of content is created for a purpose, with a business objective in mind.

Rule # 2: Compelling content is trustworthy! 
If your customers are to buy from you, they must first trust you as a good resource of information. Your content must be relevant to their needs and it must be delivered consistently, preferably on a regular schedule.

Rule # 3: Compelling content is engaging! 
What “engaging” is depends on the needs of your audience as well as your objectives. But create a fresh voice or point of view to set your content apart.

Rule # 4: Compelling content allows for interaction or dialogue!
Blogs, Twitter, social platforms all allow your customers or potential customers to interact with you, your brand or the people who work with you.

Rule # 5: Compelling content speaks your customers’ language! 
Speak the language of your customer and speak it plainly. For example, as a car dealer, you would use “bad credit” vs. secondary financing.

The Time Is Now!

The time is now to conquer Social Media and to understand that it is your FRIEND and not your FOE! Advances in mobile technology will make Social Media even bigger than it is now! Embrace Social Media, all things considered, it’s Word of Mouth on Steroids!

Our Internet marketing professionals are eager to discuss how blogs, forums, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media applications can complement your existing online strategies. Be Social and call The Baer Edge today!


Why The Baer Edge?

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